• Name: Piero Cavigliasso
  • Occupation: Group Innovation Technology Director at Guala Closures Group
  • Nationality: from Italy
  • Home: living in Luxembourg since 2017

Piero Cavigliasso, 55, came from Italy at the end of 2016 to start-up the Luxembourg R&D centre of the Guala Closures Group, world specialist in
wine and spirits bottle caps. He settled down with wife and three girls eight months later. He found a fulfilling environment there. “The main aspect
I appreciate is the high level of organisation in the public sector and public services. This is probably the main difference with my beloved Italy. I also
like the good attitude of most people, all focused on doing things rather than complaining about things that are not done.”

One of Mr Cavigliasso favourite spots in the city of Luxembourg is the spectacular panoramic elevator (65 metres) in the Pfaffenthal district. “A modern place in the historic centre. I like this ‘symbolic’ mixture of tradition and modernity.”

Photo credit: Maison Moderne/Jan Hanrion