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Luxembourg: Your launch pad for business in Europe

Are you looking to launch or expand your business activities in Europe? The most international country in the EU is your perfect starting point. Develop and adapt your products and services in an innovation-friendly environment and create the teams and networks you need to conquer the European and global market.


Luxembourg’s ambition to become a leading data economy capitalises on its internationally recognised strengths in connectivity, data-processing capacity and cybersecurity. The country provides a comprehensive, supportive ecosystem where all parties, public and private, work hand in hand to to help businesses innovate and grow nationally and internationally.


Luxembourg is firmly committed to supporting an economy that is both internationally competitive and long-term sustainable. A world-leading centre for green finance, the country is also the first EU member state to align and translate the twin goals of climate neutrality and leadership of the digital revolution into a single strategy.

With its pro-business environment and policies, solid economy, international talent pool and dynamic startup ecosystem, the most international country in Europe should definitely be on your map of countries to explore as you look to expand your business across Europe.

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Highest GDP per capita in the world

(World Data Atlas, 2020)

Longstanding AAA rating

(Moody’s, S&P and Fitch 2021)

#1 worldwide in the economic section for resilience

#3 overall

(2021 FM Global Resilience Index)

2nd most sustainable country in the world

(2020 Environmental Performance Index)

#1 in the world for trade openness

(The World Bank, 2020)

5th most globalised economy in the world

(2021 KOP Globalization Index)

1st largest listing of green bonds in the world

3rd out of 131 countries for political stability

(Cornell University, INSEAD + WIPO, 2020)

1st in the world for its ability to attract talent

(2021 Global Talent Competitiveness Index)

Luxembourg, your ideal business location

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Sustainable composite materials for vehicles of the future


The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology creates sustainable composite materials fulfilling the needs of transport equipment manufacturers.
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“An international view on the European healthtech market”


Carole Brückler at the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy speaks about why companies should attend the European Digital Healthtech Conference on 14-15 May 2024.
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Luxembourg is a major European hub of business, research and innovation.
In order to remain a leader in solving global challenges, Luxembourg focus lies on key sectors in particular. Explore the different sectors of the Luxembourg economy.