Modus3 has developed an artificial intelligence-powered platform helping businesses to monitor their operations and their compliance with governance frameworks in real time. Founder and CEO Darren Douglas speaks about the company’s offering and use of space data to improve the environmental, social and governance scores of funds. He also highlights the support he has received, from setting up a company in Luxembourg and finding a home and community at an incubator to expanding into the Canadian market.

Mr Douglas, what does Modus3 offer?

“We are focused on three key areas: conducting, monitoring and orbiting.”

You decided to integrate space data into a platform designed for asset managers. Why?

“You can’t produce an accurate ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) score for funds without specific data.”

You want to go further in the space sector by selling your platform to space companies. This was not your original plan…

“Asset managers and space companies have the same specific monitoring and regulatory requirements.”

You are Irish, but you came in Luxembourg to grow your start-up. Why did you choose this country?

“Luxembourg is a fantastic place for any start-up.”