The research partnership between the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and Société de Recherche Cosmétique (SRC) – a Luxembourg-based subsidiary of NUXE Group – is aimed at developing an innovative, safe and efficient bio-based delivery system for use in natural cosmetic products. This new ingredient will be an alternative to classic vectorisations such as liposomes.

Sustainable by design

The two partners intend to develop a bio-based technology that will be produced through a sustainable manufacturing process based on green chemistry principles. Their joint project BIOMICO is co-funded by the Luxembourg National Research Fund. If successful, it will deliver a sustainable cosmetic ingredient of natural origin with outstanding skin protection and skin enhancing properties. LIST and SRC expect to generate a novel patent portfolio and contribute to the next generation of natural cosmetic ingredients by NUXE Group.

We are very proud that an international group such as NUXE is relying on LIST to support them in their innovation strategy.

“We specifically work on research and development of bio-sourced functional materials, enabling carbon footprint reduction of end-products,” said the Director of LIST’s Materials Research and Technology Department, Damien Lenoble. “We are very proud that an international group such as NUXE, a leader in the use of natural resources in high standards cosmetics, is relying on LIST to support them in their innovation strategy.”

Ground-breaking research partnership

The new cooperation is both LIST’s first venture into the world of cosmetics and SRC’s first research partnership in Luxembourg. The cosmetic and skincare market is highly competitive, and SRC and NUXE Group count on the BIOMICO project in order to gain a disruptive advantage on the market. The outcomes will also help support the group’s development in Luxembourg and international expansion.

Photo: © LIST