JEC World in Paris is the only trade show that unites the global composite industry: a testament to the industry’s commitment to an international platform where users can find a full spectrum of processes, new materials, and composite solutions.

At this year’s JEC World the Luxembourg composite sector was well represented by five companies exhibiting individually – Euro-Composite, Airtech, Ocsial/Ujet, Michelman and e-Xstream – and three companies – GCL Technologies, MPG Group and Amova – that shared a common Luxembourg booth, organised by the Ministry of the Economy, with the LIST and Luxinnovation.

A common Luxembourg booth at JEC

It was the first time that Luxembourg launched an initiative to exhibit the different facets of the Luxembourg Materials and Manufacturing sector at the JEC. The booth represented Luxembourg under the nation branding logo and offered the companies a platform to present themselves and their joint activities as well as do business development at this renowned trade fair.

The three companies at the Luxembourg stand all exhibited for the first time at the JEC World trade fair. The LIST (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology) and Luxinnovation displayed their respective activities and competences in materials and composite research as well as innovation projects and partnerships within the Luxembourg Materials and Manufacturing Cluster. A cocktail reception was organised to officially celebrate the recent creation of Composite Industry Luxembourg ASBL (CIL) and to discuss with potential partners as well as to create networking opportunities. “With this open innovation initiative we celebrate a true milestone for the Luxembourg materials sector. Gathering together private industry will allow the sector to leverage industry-oriented collaboration projects”, says Prof Jens Kreisel, Director of the Materials Research and Technology (MRT) department of the LIST.


Carlo Bach, Project director OEM says: “I am really satisfied with our first time at JEC at the common booth. To be here on our own would not have been profitable for us. The number of companies that came to speak to us was significantly larger than expected. Also, we were pleased to see that many big logistics clients are here. Next year we will focus on intralogistics and storage of big printing rolls and target this kind of companies at the JEC.”

GCL Technologies 

Daniele Cambareri, New Technology research engineer at GCL notes: “With a keen interest in 3 D printing applications, our main reason for coming to JEC was to scout the fair for trends and new technologies. The next step for us will be the industrialisation of our solution and we made useful contacts here. Our cooperation with Luxinnovation helped us get R&D funding for this project and to build up a network in the Benelux region.”

MPG Group 

Regis Heyberger, CEO of MPG Group praises the outcome of JEC for his company when drew a recap of the trade show: “The 3 days at the JEC were very successful. Last year, we attended the JEC World as a mere visitor but this year we could truly present our company thanks to the organisation of a common booth. We prepared to meet key clients, grow our network and find new prospects at the fair. It is a real win-win situation because we had the opportunity to exhibit and at the same time we drew several big clients in to discover the entire Luxembourg offering in terms of composite solutions.”

MPG at JEC World Paris 2018

The key players of the Luxembourg composite industry always innovating

Airtech, Euro-Composite and e-Xstream all look back at a long history in Luxembourg as well as at a regular participation in JEC World. Like every year, they exhibit with their own stand at the trade fair to meet their clients from around the world and make new valuable business contacts. Unsurprisingly, 2018 proved to be another successful participation at one the most important trade shows of the materials sector. “We have been at JEC for the past 15 years and won several innovation awards. What’s new this time is that we take part in the booth of our new holding company Hexagon. Everything else remains unchanged though: this fair is the most important fair for us because the audience is very targeted and a good fit for our product. Of course we also meet many clients around here”, states Zoubida El Hachemi Sales Director e-Xstream.

US company Michelman with EU headquarters in Luxembourg, a first-time participant, exhibited at the JEC with a large booth of their own, which they found very convenient environment to meet and discuss with clients and prospects.

Luxembourg materials newcomer Ocsial recently invested in a production site in Luxembourg for its carbon-based nanotube material called “Tubeball”. They are about to hit the market as well as major trade fairs with their disruptive nanotube and technology showcase application in form of the UJet scooter.

Advantages of being located in Luxembourg and being a Cluster member

The companies agreed that they find ideal business conditions in Luxembourg in terms of talent, location, and export and internationalisation possibilities.


VP Michel J. Annis says: “As a US company we picked Luxembourg as European headquarters due to its central location in and around an innovation ecosystem, its proximity to major markets and the easy talent acquisition.”

Michelman at JEC World Paris 2018

Eileen Zwarg, Manager business development believes: “In Luxembourg we are able to find capable talents with engineering expertise and competence as well as professionals who speak 3 to 4 languages. It is an ideal location to recruit from outstanding universities that are nearby and to export our products in various neighbouring countries.”

 Euro-Composite at JEC World Paris 2018

Olivier Bottler, European Technical Manager states: Luxembourg is a strategic business location for us because we can serve many European countries from there. Quite importantly, we receive valuable support from the Ministry of the Economy and Luxinnovation. Also, we maintain a very close and constructive relationship with the other Cluster members in Luxembourg.”

Olivier Bottler, European Technical Manager of Airtech


Christoph Siara, Sales & Marketing Director Europe: “Luxembourg has a clear national strategy and engagement in the materials sector and is open for innovation. This means fertile ground for forward thinkers like us. It is my dream to establish strong federations around carbon nanotube together with other companies, so the country can establish a leadership status in the field. The Luxembourg government and the Cluster can work as an enabler to make it happen.”

Ocsia at JEC World Paris 2018

Caroline Muller, Materials and Manufacturing Cluster Manager, concludes: “It is great to see my Cluster members satisfied and make the most of the JEC World. I look forward to the future developments of the materials and composite sector in Luxembourg. For me, the JEC World 2018 was a genuine success because Luxinnovation could strengthen ties with other Clusters and innovation centres in neighbouring regions and discuss possible partnerships.”



More about the companies

Amova is the world leading supplier in the field of aircraft and maintenance overhaul and also provides highly-developed systems for transporting, storing and manufacturing.

GCL Technologies aims at the selection, development, assessment, validation of the most innovative technologies with the goal to make them available to the Guala Closures group factories and business units. They presented their electro-magnetic forming (EMF) technology, which is currently in the pilot phase.

MPG is a full service provider marketing its patented atmospheric plasma technology with applications ranging from professional lab systems to industrial in-line systems.

e-Xstream engineering is a software and engineering services company 100% focused on state-of-the-art multi-scale modeling of complex multi-phase composites materials and structures.

Airtech is the world’s largest manufacturer of vaccum bagging and composite tooling materials for prepreg/ autoclave, resin infusion and wet lay-up processes.

Michelman is a global developer and manufacturer of environmentally friendly advanced materials for industry developing families of film formers, binders and lubricants.

Euro-Composite Group is a global player in the international aviation industry, delivering high-quality and sophisticated honeycomb composite materials.

Ocsial is a high-tech company producing, on an industrial scale, TUBALL single wall carbon nanotubes – an advanced additive that improves the properties of base materials in terms of strength, weight, energy efficiency and connectivity.

LIST is a mission driven Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) that develops advanced technologies and delivers innovative products and services to industry and society.