On the occasion of TASS 2022, Luxembourg Trade and Investment Office Taipei was pleased to present new solutions and concepts from advanced green steel technologies developed by global leader Paul Wurth S.A., as well as sustainable living consumer products, including selected winner projects from the Circular by Design Challenge, which is managed by Luxinnovation with the support of the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy.

Luxembourg has positioned itself internationally as a circular economy (CE) hub, raising its visibility through a series of initiatives over the last few years. Their shared aim is to raise the circular profile of Luxembourg companies as well as attract the investment and technology needed to accelerate the circular economy, and to foster international collaboration.

Indeed, thanks to its good social, institutional, and economic connectivity, as well as its high-performing ICT and financial sectors, Luxembourg is a promising testbed for emerging CE business models.

By supporting new business activities, setting standards, promoting the circular economy concept beyond its borders, and in close collaboration with international partners, Luxembourg can establish itself as a center of excellence in this new economy.

Luxembourg booth presents

Circular by Design Challenge:

  • Capriole delivers a turnkey solution for those looking to access & be part of the circular economy through a patented machine that presses briquettes from coffee waste
  • OUR CHOICE leads the transition from fast fashion to circular choices of apparel by keeping products at their highest level of value for as long as possible
  • Wasch aims to produce laundry detergent products that respect consumers’ health and the environment. 100% natural, 96% bio-degradable, & made in Luxembourg
  • Well-Rounded provides a one-stop-shop where all family members can get high-quality, locally made, sustainable undergarments that can be taken back for recycling

Sustainable living consumables:

  • Roude Leiw Brounekaffi roasts locally with bio-organic farming & Fairtrade coffee beans, offering 100% bio-degradable, 100% compostable coffee capsules

Paul Wurth: State-of-the-art Green Steel Technologies

Luxembourg-advocated sustainable & circular initiatives:

  • Lët’z Refashion raises public awareness on the social & environmental issues of the textile industry, and promotes Slow Fashion
  • Product Circularity Data Sheet (PCDS) aims at establishing an official standard for communicating data on the circular economy properties of products, in consultation with other standards organizations.




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