Financial services are an essential component of a sustainable economy, which meets the needs of stakeholders, enhances quality of life, protects the environment and addresses global issues such as climate change. The Global Green Finance Index (GGFI), published on 14 March 2018 ranks the world’s financial centres according to perceptions of the quality and depth of their green finance offerings. Thereby GGFI seeks to encourage financial centres to become greener and develop financial services in a way that enables society to live within planetary boundaries. The index gives a measure of how financial centres are responding to this challenge.

According to the GGFI first edition, the Grand Duchy ranks 2nd in Green Finance Penetration

and 6th in Green Finance Quality.


The GGFI specifically mentions the Luxembourg Green Exchange, which was launched in 2016, citing it as a key element in Luxembourg’s ranking and acknowledging it for quality and depth of its green finance offerings.

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