Luxembourg’s international promotion network has been strengthened with a ninth LTIO opened in Casablanca. The intention to create an additional LTIO was first announced during the Luxembourg economic mission to Morocco in September 2019. It results from the strong potential for development and cooperation between the two countries, in particular in the field of digital economy.

The official opening of LTIO Casablanca was announced on 6 October 2020 at the end of the half-yearly meeting of the Trade and Investment Board (TIB), the body responsible for drawing up the strategy for promoting the Luxembourg economy and federating the players involved. “In the current context, where travel abroad is limited and digital transformation is accelerating, while international trade remains an important source of income for Luxembourg companies, the strengthening of our international network is welcome,” commented Minister of the Economy Franz Fayot.

Two-fold mission

Luxembourg already has Trade & Investment Offices in Abu Dhabi, New York, San Francisco, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei, Tel Aviv and Tokyo. Their mission is two-fold: they support international companies from their local markets that are interested in doing business in, with and from Luxembourg, and help Luxembourg businesses with tvheir establishment and development of activities in the markets and regions where the LTIOs are located. Morocco also acts as a hub for developing activities in Africa.

LTIO Casablanca is headed by Atman Haloui, who combines this new position with that of Honorary Consul of Luxembourg in Casablanca.  He is assisted by Kenza Jouahri who joined him on 1 June 2020.

Upcoming presentation webinar

In November, a webinar entitled “Luxembourg-Morocco: a new avenue for partnerships” will be organised jointly by the Ministry of the Economy and the Chamber of Commerce. The objective is to raise awareness and inform interested Luxembourg and Moroccan companies as well as a number of personalities from the political and economic world of the services of the new office.